My Works

Little Star

The City of Trials

Lady Mad Max meets LGBTQ+ Hunger Games!

The Broken Few

The walls are white, the floor is black, when these guards leave, the man comes back.

The Reckoning (Late 2023)

The Book of the Golden One

The Dreamwalker

Even among the Chosen, there is one who is more.

The Broken Few

Two men love her, but her heart only beats for one thing: saving the galaxy.

The Book of the Golden One Duology with 5 Additional Short Stories

The complete set is now in one place with extended bonus short stories that take place between the thrilling finale and the epilogue.

Novellas/Short Books


The water is poisoned and the government knows. They’re using it to keep us docile. So what happens when we stop drinking?

This World and the Next

Explore the future of this world and the next in this collection of eight short stories from author Shelly Jarvis.

Writing (for Weirdos): How to Craft Compelling Short Fiction

This is a small handy book to learn how to write compelling short fiction.

Michelle Jarvis

The Elementalists

The Fall of Water

The Elementalists are coming, and with them, Rosalinde’s future.

The Secrets of Earth House

When everyone you know seems to be plotting for the throne, who do you trust?

The Memory of Air House (Late 2023)

The Flame of House (Early 2024)

Poseidon’s Blood Series

Black Sea Bright Song

With newly discovered sea witch powers and Sirens on the loose, how’s a girl supposed to navigate first love?

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